Claudia Pond Eyley

Claudia Pond Eyley, M.F.A.

is a practicing visual artist who was born in New Zealand but brought up in Montreal, Canada and in New York. She returned in the mid '60s to attend the Auckland University School of Fine Arts and has exhibited widely as a professional artist. Known for public murals and art works in her community, the artist has undertaken many major commissions, notably the mural project at Auckland's High Court, The University of Auckland, and for designing and painting 11 stained glass windows for St. Mary's Cathedral Church in Parnell, Auckland.

The artist remains committed to peace and environmental issues in her art work and in the production and direction of documentary films.

In 2006 her first documentary film Departure and Return-final journey of the Rainbow Warrior was premiered in the NZ International Film Festival and in the following with No Nukes Is Good Nukes! the legacy of New Zealand's grassroots anti nuclear movement and the passage into law of the Act of Parliament in 1987 which saw New Zealand become a nuclear free nation.


She is a Voting Assembly member of Greenpeace NZ and teaches part time as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland.


Claudia Pond Eyley

Susi Newborn

Susi Newborn

began life as the daughter of Argentinean diplomats in England. She spent much of her early life in Italy, took the hippy trails around India and Marrakech, and finished her education in the US.

She was one of the foundation members and a UK director of Greenpeace, and one of the original crew members on the original Rainbow Warrior, signing the cheque which purchased the ship.

She journeyed on the now legendary trips to the Arctic to prevent sealers from bludgeoning baby seals and she was in the Zodiacs that put themselves between the whalers' harpoons and the whales.

Her autobiography, A Bonfire In My Mouth, was published in 2003.

She now lives on Waiheke Island, in Auckland’s Gulf.