Directed and Produced by Susi Newborn and Claudia Pond Eyley

Executive Producer: The Coconut Free Press Trust
Filmed by Baz Catcheon, Chris Pryor & Scott Ewing
Second Camera: Anita Bravo, Carlos Valdivieso & Helen O’Connell
Sound Engineer: Lloyd Canham
Editor: Scott Ewing
Assistant Editors: Anita Bravo & Carlos Valdivieso

Written & Researched by Claudia Pond Eyley & Susi Newborn


Archival Footage: TVNZ Television Archive, Helen Caldicott, Women’s Peace Flight, Just One Step  Great Peace March, Greenpeace NZ

Filmed on Location at Waiheke Island and Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Shot on: Betacam SP, Digital Beta Cam & HDV

Music: Baz Caitcheon, One Giant Leap, Whirimako Black, Herbs, Pacific Peace Band, Fly My Pretties

Photography: Kapil Arn, Gil Hanly, Claudia Pond Eyley, Peacelink Magazine, Sigrid Shayer

Carole Gallagher – American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War. Random House, 1993

Financed by: Waiheke Island Community Cinema Trust, The Society of Friends in New Zealand, Peace and Disarmament Education Trust, Community Organisation Grants Scheme, ASB Trust, Lottery National, Waiheke Island Community Board, Auckland City Council